Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Dark Arts, Reversed!

The Queen’s heart has been heavy, weighted down by the burden of need to protect her people from the Dark Arts. The Queen’s evil foe, the dragon Monsanto, it has been discovered, is a work of mightily evil sorcerers. The sorcerers first set this dragon upon the common-folk, to ravage and to destroy the foodstuffs. The good farmers toiled about, planting their health-giving, life-supporting food crops little aware of the crisis hard upon them. It has become known that the evildoers, through the deepest of dark magics, have conjured to afflict the good farmers’ crops. Many of these crops were infected with the sorcerers' affront to Mother Nature…to the Deity, himself: GMOs. And now, the evildoers cast a spell on the winged creatures, on the bees, on all the pollinating insects…on the winds even, causing these to spread the foul creation! This is the deepest evil of all these despicable arts…to silently kill and injure millions unknowingly…perhaps to destroy the entire community of man and woman-kind.

The Queen has been shut in her private quarters praying for Divine Help, for Divine Guidance… for only Supreme Good is strong enough to battle supreme evil. Finally, a prayer has been answered and by the Queen’s very own Royal Physician, a good woman of science! This learned advisor shares with the Queen that both the people and the merchants must be educated. It is not enough for only the people to know of the evil inherent in the new, altered “food”. No, truly, the merchants must also be enlisted in this struggle. The merchants must hear of the peoples’ desire for safe foods, for health-giving, life-affirming foods. The merchants must choose to stand with the people, must insist to their suppliers that their customers no longer wish to purchase and eat tainted “food”. The merchants must insist on honest labeling of foods, for the sake of their customers… and, for the sake of the merchants' pocketbooks! And, in this matter, We (the Royal We) say “Yea” to the power of the purse, that this power may finally slay the evil dragon, Monsanto…that it may at last cancel the dark spell!

Here, in the Royal Physician’s own words, is a letter of petition. The Queen requests that you print this letter, putting in the name of your favoured grocery merchant. To the end add your name and the names of all the members of your household. Declaring your deep desire to eat in health and in safety, hand your notice to said merchant. The merchants are wise men and women. If even a small percentage of their customer base declines to purchase tainted foods, they will cry “Foul” and the spell will, at last, become reversed!

Dear Manager at ______________,

I’ve noticed your store has offered locally grown produce in the summer, and an increased section of healthy foods, including organic and gluten free options. I applaud this and have been purchasing these.

However, I want to let you know that I will not be buying any products with genetically modified components.  This includes most cereals, breads, baked goods, soups, and dairy with rBGH hormone. Almost all processed foods contain some GMOs. I am also choosing to buy 100% grass fed meat in order to avoid the genetically modified components in animal feed.

While the research isn’t conclusive, there is enough research to raise significant questions about the safety of GMO consumption.  I will not risk the health of my children or grandchildren.  I believe that consumption of GMO’s is linked to increases in cancer, autoimmune diseases, autism and infertility.

I will be sharing this information with many people in the hopes that GMO containing products will no longer be allowed for sale and consumption here in the US, as is the case in most European countries.

If you want my business, you will need to offer more non-GMO food choices and to develop and implement a plan to eliminate GMO foods from your shelves.


My thanks to “Royal Physician”, Dr. Cheryl Shea, DC

Would that I were truly Queen!