Friday, May 2, 2014

Alchemical Black Magic

Alchemical Black Magic

The Queen now sounds a rousing cry for all to practice a form of spiritual devotion: to maximize each one’s potential and to visualize each one’s impact (the impact of one’s actions) down the historical road.  The Queen herewith commands each one to do only that which benefits humanity and the circle of life on Planet Earth. Read on, especially you men and women of science.

Perhaps GMO crops will continue to grow and thrive on Earth, but the Queen thinks they may spell the demise of all but a few plant and animal species; humans may not be included in those surviving. At the rate we are going many people will not be able to have children. And the children that are born will be full of pesticide and other chemical residues at birth. Will they be able to grow normally? Will they be stunted? Sickly? Cancer-filled? Will they be capable of learning? Of interacting? Of procreating? Are we soon coming to a final generation of humans having dealt our species one too many destructive blows?

The Queen would ask humanity to each one work to become his/her Biggest Self, to unite around the cause of Common Good. The Queen is beseeching you to reject your fears of unseen enemies and instead, be willing to see the enemy on the grocery store shelf, or in the chlorinated, chemically “cleaned” polluted waters, or in the air (are there really chem-trails being sprayed daily in our skies? To what end? And, who approved these?).

Daily we are told of a new toxin entering our waterways: from leakage at chemical storage plants, from oil spills, from fracking, agricultural run-off, decomposition of plastic litter, even from the medical drugs we ingest and then urinate out into our water supply. It is difficult, nigh impossible, to correlate with exactitude direct cause and effect to illness of any one of these multiple pollutants because so many concurrently swim in our environmental “soup”. There are statistics that show increases in rates of disease (diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, food allergies, Autism), which positively correlate with an increase in chemical agriculture and increased chemicals in water. Man-made chemicals have been only loosely controlled by United States and other world governments. This laxity, the resultant widespread chemical pollution of land, water, and air has possibly doomed our species. (Just noting: Royalty has a long history of going extinct. Not even the Queen will not be exempt.)

If we act NOW we may still be able to undo the damage, to save our healthy food sources, reduce our environmental footprint, and allow the Great Mother (Mom Nature) to aid us in a planetary clean-up. This is where our wise men and women of science must put their energies: into a world–wide environmental clutter clearing (followed by maintenance cleaning using only natural products).

Scientists of the Realm, as opposed to working for rich companies to increase the personal wealth of the company’s owners, raise your voices! Refuse to work for those who practice alchemical black magic: creating gold from the sorcerer’s stone of planetary destruction.

Would that I were Queen!