Sunday, July 29, 2012

The "Queen" speaks on climate change and the role of those who would govern.

Hello. Queen of the World here. I come to you from the capital city, St. Louis, MO, USA. I am currently in residence at my summer castle (a 1 ½ story frame dwelling, with vinyl siding, and a darling front porch). The summer castle is lovely, but the summer itself is way too hot!

 My royal coach (a ’97 Saturn station wagon) was sitting in the driveway, windows rolled up, in the afternoon heat and sun. The car’s interior temp got so hot that the emergency brake POPPED! Now, the e-brake doesn’t work at all. This year has seen 53 record high temperature days, so far… We’ve had only one significant rain event in the last 4 or 5 weeks. Temps have been in the triple digits: 100-108 degrees recently.

 I’ve adapted somewhat: now: the 80s feel pleasant, the 90s, tolerable. Heat over 100 degrees is like walking out into an oven! People with respiratory diseases must stay indoors in air-conditioning. Homeless people and the elderly die from overheating regularly. In the neighboring “shire” of Kansas City, a postal carrier died from the extreme heat. I can’t even begin to imagine how police officers manage in their bullet-proof vests... And the fire-fighters…OMG! How do they do it? Can you imagine fighting a fire…in protective gear…in this heat? And auto mechanics…all the folks who work in non air-conditioned warehouses spaces? How do they manage?!

Between 95-97% of my science advisors say this extreme heat is related to changes in our planet’s atmosphere caused by our actionsour deeds. And, let me be clear here, I am NOT using the “royal plural” when I say “our.” I’m talking about ALL of us!

What’s a Royal to do??!

I’m tired of watching the court ministers ignore the science advisors’ concerns. I will seek to do the following (by Royal Decree):

1). Immediately declare a “war on” non-renewable, polluting, planet destroying energy sources.

2). Re-tool all low functioning or currently non-functioning factories. They will then be realigned to produce solar panels, wind turbines, and water/wave/tide-power energy collection equipment. The factories would also produce energy saving devices of ALL types.

3). Scientific and mechanical studies related to production of weaponry would be halted. All scientists and engineers would, instead, go to work on our most imminent threat: loss of a habitable planet.

Even I, as “Monarch” can’t do magic… Immediate focus on this very real threat is required NOW! Regarding the rules to fight this war, to save our home planet and our quality of life, there needs be a consensus in all the lands over which I rule. All the advisors, all the ministers, all the subjects, must be clear that what we do here affects us all …positively or negatively. If ever there was a common threat to unite our world kingdom, this is it.

I am a benevolent ruler. I desire the best for all my subjects and their descendants for many generations…for as many generations out as I can imagine (and I have a vivid imagination). The royal tutor taught me “A rising tide floats all boats.” Therefore, I wish to see my poorer subjects be accommodated with renewable fuels for heating, cooling, cooking, lighting, transportation… As their quality of life improves, they will be able to contribute their gifts and genius to our world. And, we will all benefit.

I can ill afford to wait while the court ministers swagger, and vow never to compromise. I may have to say, “off with their heads” or to throw them all into the dungeon and allow them to remain there until they can sort things out. Oh, no. I forgot. I said I wouldn’t do that… so uncivilized and all…. 

Ah, here’s a good idea: no more ministerial jobs if they can’t do what they were appointed (elected) to do: make equitable, fair, and WISE policy. I think I’ll toss them all out and from here on, appoint (elect) only those who are honorable with their word, chivalrous in action, pious, thoughtful, and compassionate!

Would that I were truly queen!