Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Queen Speaks on Religion

The Queen Speaks on Religion, 3-27-14

The Royal Family does not regularly attend a house of worship. The Queen is loath to insinuate her personal spiritual beliefs upon others. Given her Supreme Royal Power, that would be most unfair.

The Queens believes that each person must find the religious, spiritual, ethical, or humanitarian belief that best fits with the person’s own heart. Why would even a Monarch presume to understand the deep recesses of another’s heart? This is knowledge that only the individual (and the Divine) can know.

Why, in all the years of history, has anyone (priest, minister, wise man/woman, or Royal) thought that it would be possible to control, direct, or influence the heart of another human being? On the outside, yes… A person could appear to have been influenced and agree to a new set of beliefs, but on the inside…. no. This practice of attempting to command another’s innermost beliefs the Queen most heartily condemns!

In point of fact, there are members of the Royal Family who do regularly attend a house of worship and others who do not. The Queen is not inclined to attend, as her beliefs feel too personal. She takes what feels right to her Royal Self from any number of religious belief systems, from all the major religions and from pre-religious and pagan beliefs as well.

The Queen considers herself to be a student of sorts. One of her abiding areas of study has been to find the themes common to all belief systems (for here, the Queen surmises is where the capital T “Truth” lives).  In her studies the Queen has become aware of three areas common to all the major belief systems:

  1. The Golden Rule. Some version of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is present in all religious traditions.

  1. A belief in deep connection between humans and the natural world. In some religions this is expressed as dominion over nature and in others there is a feeling of relationship (as in Mother Earth and Father Sky). The Queen sees nature as most assuredly Divine, whether created by a  instantaneous spark or by a lengthy evolutionary process (or both). The symmetry, the variety, the beauty, color, texture, the smell of fresh spring air as rain approaches… All are surely the result of a masterful plan!

  1. As a Royal fan of the “Hierarchy of Needs” theory of psychologist Abraham Maslow, the Queen notices that beyond the basic needs for shelter, food, and safety, beyond our needs to feel loved and to feel good about ourselves, beyond even the need to experience our lives as meaningful, we, as a species, wish to experience transcendence. And this is the true goal of all religious experience: to help us connect with that which is beyond us, with the Divine, and then to help others experience this connection as well. Transcendence is what allows us to reach our highest level of personhood.

Why do we push these commonalities underneath the rug of our convictions of right and wrong? What purpose does it serve for another to see Heaven (or Hell, or Nirvana) exactly as you see it? Why is it important for another to eat, pray, or rest in the same fashion as you?  
Must we all believe in lockstep? 

Perhaps it would be better to pursue our individual paths to becoming the best person/soul we each can be. The Queen’s personal beliefs are as pure, good and valid for Her Royal Self as yours are for You. We are both right. We are ALL right.

Would that I were Queen!