Monday, March 4, 2013

Ridding the world of the "dragon" Monsanto

The Queen is angry. Actually, the Queen is disgusted. She is not sure if she’s more disgusted by the corporate business heads who would defile our planet and our resources to fill their own purses…OR, if the Queen is more revolted by the lackluster approach of the government regulators who have relinquished their given powers meant to insure our safety.

Monsanto is the name of one such “dragon” that is breathing fire on the countryside, devouring farmers, reducing their fields to poison-ridden stubble. Have not the heads of this company over-stepped the bounds of human decency in their quest to own life itself? Aye! They have! Can they be allowed to police themselves? Can they be trusted to hold back from rearranging life’s building blocks…to the benefit of their own clan? No ! They cannot! They have shown their ugly faces. They will lie, connive, and attempt to blame the innocent as a smoke screen, hoping we will not see who is really predator and who is prey.

I say to you now, Monsanto: though the current “knights” of the E.P.A., my justices, and my advisors (the Congress and even the President) may be too weak, too glutted by the rich sweetbreads of the kill that you have bestowed upon them, I and my Subjects see the true evil you represent. We see your desire to draw wealth to yourself, even at the expense of the health of the masses…even at the cost of human life on our planet. Tell the Queen, Monsanto, what do your children feed on? Do they eat organically grown foods…raised with no poisons, no altered genes, no chemical cocktails? Or, do you feed them on straight gold?

The Queen hereby decrees:
  1. No entity can own life…there will be no slavery, even that of seeds!
  2. The Queen’s knights, justices, and advisors will immediately do their work of protecting ALL. Those who are too weak to resist being bought will lose their positions, herewith!
  3. All the poisons and life-altering “foods” designed by Monsanto will be destroyed immediately. Not a grain, not a vial, will be kept. The farmers who will feel the loss most personally will be well compensated by Monsanto.
  4. The Queen’s new rules governing farming:
  • No factory farms
  • No farming monoculture.
  • We return to the era of the family farm. Farming subsidies will be paid to those working their own farms, those who attend to the soil properly…amending it in the traditional ways (compost, manure,  nutrient-adding winter ground covers).
  • These organic farmers will receive the subsidies.
  • Organic farming will become the norm.
  • Our water resources will be given the opportunity to heal from years of agricultural chemical run-off.
  • Our human life will, once again, feed on that which the Deity has designed for us.
  • We will again work hand-in-hand with our Mother the Earth, rather than milking her dry.
  • We will choose harmony and decency.
  • We will work together to see that ALL are safe and healthy.

Would that I were Queen!

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