Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Queen is displeased. Her ministers are engaged in perpetual electioneering as opposed to their actual job: writing and passing laws that reflect the needs of her subjects, the general American populace. This "Do-Nothing Congress" is aching to be elected out! The Queen is so displeased with the pratfalls, the antics, the double-speak of the House Republicans, most notably, that she finds herself burdened with only one option: to dictate to the Royal Office of the Exchequer that all  self-serving politicians be cut from the payroll... that their salaries, benefits, and "perks" be discontinued immediately. Until such time as these Personal Gain Politicians come to their senses (pull themselves up by their brain-straps) and do their jobs, the Queen orders that they be unfunded... or perhaps only temporarily funded, just like the government.

Let the ministers pass laws that allow government to function (pass more than a temporary budget). Let them see the error of favouring the NRA, the Gun Rights lobby, over the safety of innocents. Let them fund a farm bill that will keep Americans safe, eating healthful foods. Let them protect small farmers, particularly organic farmers instead of the giant farm conglomerates (who mainly care to make as much profit as possible, not whether they provide safe, life-affirming foods). Let them see down the road of time to preserve forests and wet-lands, clean streams and healthy top-soils. Let them protect the future for all, with wisdom and with compassion. Or, let them become gainfully employed elsewhere...perhaps mucking out barns, building roads, or repairing damage from the environmental debacles they have allowed to occur.

Alas, this is not to be. The Queen cannot dictate policy. The Queen beseeches all her loyal subjects: learn what your representatives really do and don't do, and then, when the time comes: 
Vote your conscience.

Would that I were Queen.

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