Friday, February 14, 2014

The Queen Speaks of Love for All of Man and Woman-kind


The Queen is disappointed… in her own inability to shepherd
humanity into an era of peaceful coexistence. Since the beginnings of Royalty,
back to the times of bands and tribes, there have always been conflicts:
opposition, hostility, fighting to the death as a means of resolving
differences. Though the principal of “Might makes right” may have once made
some evolutionary sense (in a time when following the sage advice of a strong
leader would insure the tribe’s survival: the best lands, the spoils of war, an
influx of new genetic material), we are now in a wholly different age.

The age of “mutually assured destruction” arrived with the
use of the first atomic weapon. We all are fully aware of the consequences of
using this type of armament – that a catastrophic change in our planetary
environment will follow, leading to conditions where human life on planet Earth
becomes forfeit. Further more, after the chemical weapons of World War I, and
with the advent of tank, plane, and now drone warfare, the “enemy” can be
destroyed (many beings at a time) with the press of a button. The button pusher
will not even know who or how many will die.

In more recent 20th and 21st century
conflicts we see the long-term effects of battle on the warriors themselves.
They languish in Veteran’s Hospitals, die of mysterious
chemical-warfare-related ailments. They come back from the front incomplete:
battered, shell-shocked, suffering an entirely preventable form of depression –
that which is a result of witnessing and participating in horror. On average,
twenty Gulf War Vets die per day from suicide. And this is the Queen’s point:
we know the ramifications of warfare.

In using warfare as a means of conflict resolution, no
matter which side “wins” we all lose. And all of our lives are diminished by
this loss. The person now suffering from PTSD might have, in an alternate
scenario, been the amazing teacher who would have inspired your son or
daughter. The victim of Agent Orange poisoning, who spent his later years in a
futile attempt to regain his health, may have been the one who would have
invented a cheap, productive, easy-to-install solar panel. Among those who died
on the beaches of France, one might have been the uncle whose laugh you would always
remember and cherish. We know not what we’ve lost. We can ill afford to pass on
this depleted legacy to future generations.

Warfare has long since become obsolete as a means of 
conflict resolution. But, because we haven’t yet figured out an alternative, we resort to
war as the answer in a crisis…. the “fall-back” position. 

The Queen’s
alternative: study peace. Provide for all in the world. See humankind as
family…the tribe…the one clan. See us all
working together to benefit
If need be, we can unite around a common enemy. Here, the Queen does not refer
to an alien race from beyond Earth, but to climate change, environmental
degradation, to unhealthful experimentation on our food supply, to overpopulation,
illness, poverty, and ignorance. We have so much to work on together!

Would that I were Queen!

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